HIPC Projects

Current HIPC Projects

Boston Children's Hospital

Project #:1-U19-AI118608-01A1

Title: Systems Biology to Identify Biomarkers of Neonatal Vaccine Immunogenicity

PI: Ofer Levy

Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Project #:1-U19-AI-128914-01

Title: Immune Responses to Malaria and HIV Infection and Immunization

PI: Kenneth Stuart

Columbia University

Project #:1-U19-AI128949-01

Title: Human anti-viral immune responses in tissues and circulation

PI: Donna Farber

Drexel University

Project #:1-U19-AI-128910-01

Title: Integrative Omics of HepB Vaccine Response in Co-Infection with Parasites

PI: Elias K Haddad

Emory University

Project #:2-U19-AI-090023-06

Title: System Biological Analyses of Innate and Adaptive Responses to Vaccination

PI: Bali Pulendran

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai/ University of California, Berkeley

Project #:1-U19-AI-118610-01

Title: Dengue Human Immunology Project Consortium (DHIPC)

PI: Ana Fernandez-Sesma and Eva Harris

La Jolla Institute

Project #:1-U19-AI-118626-01

Title: Human immune signatures of Dengue virus and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis exposure in infection, disease and vaccination

PI: Alessandro D. Sette

University of California Los Angeles & University of California San Francisco

Project #:1-U19-AI-128913-01

Title: Mapping Immune Responses to CMV in Renal Transplant Recipients

PIs: Elaine F. Reed (UCLA) and Minnie Sarwal (UCSF)

Yale University

Project #:2-U19-AI089992-06A1

Title: Systems Immune Profiling of Divergent Responses to Infection

PIs: David Hafler and Ruth Montgomery